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UK Kids Golf FAQs

Have a question about UK Kids Golf, competitions, rules and policies, etc? We try to answer them here - drop us a line if you have a question we haven't answered.  

Latest FAQs

Who looks after my child at competitions?show

The responsibility for the welfare of every player at a UK Kids Golf competition rests with the player's parent/guardian.

We require that every player has a parent/guardian following them around the competition course as a spectator or caddy. Please note that caddies are mandatory for the 6-7 and 8-9 age groups. Every group of players will have a volunteer scorer who will be a parent/guardian of one of the players in the group.

Is UK Kids Golf the same as US Kids Golf?show

No, UK Kids Golf is an entirely seperate organisation. 

However, we are delighted that US Kids Golf has offered places at the European Championship for each of the age group winners from the UK Kids Golf Grand Final.  

Can I caddy for my player?show

Caddies are mandatory for the 6-7 and 8-9 age groups.


Caddies are mandatory for the 6-7 and 8-9 age groups. Caddies must be aged 16 or older on 1st January. The role of the caddy is to assist the player in accordance with the rules and may include carrying or handling the player’s clubs during play. All players in the 10-11 and 12-13 age groups are required to walk and either carry their own clubs or use a trolley (powered trolleys are allowed).

Caddy policy

If a caddie becomes disruptive to the point of receiving a formal complaint from an official, volunteer, competitor or caddie, he/she will be given a warning.  If a second formal complaint is received the caddie will be suspended. 

Important Royal & Ancient Rules of Golf caddie related rules are:

Rule 14-2b Assistance: states that in “making a stroke,” a player must not allow his caddie to position himself on or close to an extension of the line of play or the line of putt behind the ball.  A caddie may position himself in this manner before the player commits to beginning his swing but must move away once the player is set to begin his swing.  Failure to do so will result in a two-stroke penalty.

Rule 8-2b On The Putting Green: states that when a player's ball is on the putting green, the player or his caddie may before, but not during, the stroke, point out a line for putting, but in doing so the putting green shall not be touched.  No mark shall be placed anywhere to indicate a line for putting.  Violation of this rule will result in a two-stroke penalty.

Rule 17-3 states that the player's ball shall not strike the flagstick or attendant when the flagstick is attended or the flagstick is in the hole, unattended, or when the ball has been played from the putting green.  Should this occur, the player is assessed a two-stroke penalty, and the ball is played as it lies.

Rule 6-4 states that a caddie is one who carries or handles a player's clubs during play and otherwise assists him in accordance with the rules.  A player may only have one caddie at any given time.  A caddie may be replaced or eliminated at any time by the player.  No other person may offer advice or help to a player other than his caddie.

Always remember that a rules violation by the caddie is the same as if the player violated the rule. Ideally a caddie should be aware of the rules and assist his/her player in accordance with the rules. 

Are they any rules concerning player behaviour?show

Our goal is for every player to compete in a fun, happy, safe and relaxed environment.

Player code of conduct

All players are guests at all the competition venues used by UK Kids Golf. Our goal is for every player to compete in a fun, happy, safe and relaxed environment. It is, therefore, important that all players adhere to the following:

No excessive noise

No temper tantrums

No slamming or throwing golf clubs

No abuse of the golf course i.e. not replacing divots

Replace divots, repair ball marks and rake bunkers

Wear appropriate golf attire i.e. no jeans

Respect for volunteers or officials

Place all litter in bins

Any other conduct not becoming a UK Kids Golf participant

Violation of the Player Code of Conduct will be handled on an individual basis. If the act in question affects the play of others, the player in question will be disqualified under equity.

What can my player wear?show

All players are guests at UK Kids Golf competition courses and so it's important that dress codes are adhered to. 

Players’ appearance

Players should present a neat appearance. Any dress codes stipulated by the host venue will be enforced. Only golf shoes or smooth rubber soled shoes will be accepted. Jeans are not permitted on the golf course. For county tour competitions the representative of the competition venue shall interpret this policy in all individual cases. For regional and grand finals a representative of UK Kids Golf shall interpret this policy.

Are there any rules for spectators?show

Spectators are an important part in making sure that UK Kids Golf competitions are fun and safe.

Spectator code of conduct

Spectators are an important part in making sure that UK Kids Golf competitions are fun and safe. Parents/guardians and spectators can have a significant impact on a player’s enjoyment of the competition. The positive encouragement of all players and not just your own player(s) is always welcome at UK kids Golf competitions. Your help in paying close attention to the following spectator guidelines is greatly appreciated. When a spectator violates any of the following rules the spectator may be asked to leave to course and at the discretion of UK Kids Golf may be banned from attending other UK Kids Golf competitions.

Proper golf attire is preferred. UK Kids Golf and our golf venues reserve the right to ask an adult to leave the course because of inappropriate attire.

Do not use radios, i-pods or other such devices without headphones, mobile phones that ring or beepers on the competition course. Use of mobile phones should be in the following areas: At least 75 yards from the players, car park, pro shop, driving range and/or putting greens. Violation of any of these will result in your being asked to leave the course.

Keep a proper distance from the players (50 yards recommended).

Spectators should stay on any buggy path or in the rough with the exception of around the greens. Spectators may go near the greens to watch the players putt.

Please avoid verbal contact with your player.

Act as a forecaddie. Keep a distance far enough ahead of the players as not to interfere with the player’s shot.

If you see a rules infraction, be sure to tell the match scorekeeper, the player, representative of the competition venue or UK Kids Golf after the round is over and before the player signs his/her scorecard and turns it in to be posted.

Do not give advice to any player. Definition: Advice is any counsel or suggestion which could influence a player in determining his or her play, the choice of a club or the method of making a stroke. Penalty is 2 strokes.

Abusive language, swearing and alcoholic beverages will not be permitted on the course.

Only the match scorekeeper can go in the fairways and on the greens. If the match scorekeeper needs some help with a ruling or trying to find a lost ball and asks for help, then you may assist.

Pick up any rubbish you may see left on the course by the juniors.

Am I allowed to take photographs or video?show

Taking photographs and/or video of your player is welcomed by UK Kids Golf but permission must be sort first. 

It is important to get the permission from the parents/guardians of any other player who may be included in a photograph and/or video you take of your player. 

UK Kids Golf does reserve the right to use images or video of any of the players participating in UK Kids Golf competitions to promote UK Kids Golf. Parents/guardians acting as caddies or spectating may also be included in any images or video.

Can I get a refund on a competition fee?show

We do have a refund policy for competition fees.

Refund policy

A full refund will be given if we receive notice of withdrawal from a competition at least 14 days prior to competition date. No refunds will be given if notice is received less than 7 days prior to a competition unless caused by a medical or family emergency. Verification such as note from a doctor will be required. All refunds will be issued after the event has been held. There are no refunds for weather related shortened tournaments.

All competition entry fees for competitions postponed due to inclement weather will automatically be transferred to the rescheduled date.  If the event is not rescheduled or you are not able to attend the rescheduled date, a full refund will be given.  Please contact UK Kids Golf if you are not able to attend the rescheduled date.

Competition entry fees are non transferable. Please note that the £12 UK Kids Golf annual membership fee is nonrefundable.

I've missed the booking deadline for a competition can I still enter?show

We do have a late entry request policy.

Late entry request

An entry is considered late after online registration for that competition has closed. If the competition is full, you can email us and you will be put on a waiting list for that competition. All late entry requests must be received no later than 12noon four days before the competition date. You will be contacted immediately if a place becomes available, and we will contact people on the waiting list up until the day before the tournament. Email with the following:

  • Member’s name
  • Player’s name
  • Age group
  • Name of county mini tour
  • Competition venue
  • Competition date
  • Submitting a late entry request does not guarantee a place in the competition. Unless UK Kids Golf offers a place at a competition and you accept and pay the entry fee please do not travel to the competition venue and attempt to gain a place.

Please note, no late entries will be accepted after the late entry deadline has passed. You must be an existing UK Kids Golf member to be considered for late entry.


Will UK Kids Golf be seeking sponsors?show

Yes, but not in 2011

Yes, but not in 2011. Our plan is to provide a great experience for all our players, parents/guardians, spectators and of course the competition venues. Through being successful in 2011 we can then approach potential sponsors on a solid footing for 2012. If we succeed in attracting sponsors we will review our competition charges and develop the service we provide.

Why is there a membership fee? show

We charge a membership for three reasons.

We charge a membership fee because we consider it demonstrates commitment on behalf of the parent/guardian, contributes to covering the cost of providing the service and importantly helps safeguard against misuse of the service

What competition rules are there?show

All competitors must adhere to the UK Kids Golf Competition Rules

Competition Rules

Play is governed by the Royal & Ancient Rules of Golf and, where applicable, by any competition venue local rules.

Stroke play
All UK Kids Golf competitions are stroke play events played over nine holes and all players must hole out unless rule 6 below is enforced.
The UK Kids Golf “Player Code of Conduct” policy and will be enforced.

Rules questions
Doubt as to Procedure, Rule 3-3 (a): Procedure: In stroke play only, when during play of a hole a competitor is doubtful of his rights or procedure, he may, without penalty, play a second ball. After the situation which caused the doubt has arisen, the competitor should, before taking further action, announce to his scorer his decision to invoke this Rule and the ball with which he will score if the Rules permit. The competitor shall report the facts to the UK Kids Golf or competition venue representative before returning the scorecard even if the scores are the same with both balls; if the player fails to do so, he/she shall be disqualified. Note: A second ball played under Rule 3-3 is not a provisional ball under Rule 27-2.

Stroke limit per hole
For the 6-7 and 8-9 age groups the maximum stroke limit, per hole, is 10. There is no per hole stroke limit for the other age groups.

The maximum number of shots a player takes in a single bunker is two. After the second shot the player can throw the ball out of the bunker as close to (or in the hole) the hole as possible. The throw does not count as a shot and no penalty is incurred.

Caddies are mandatory for the 6-7 and 8-9 age groups. Players of all other age groups are not allowed caddies.

There will be a volunteer parent/guardian scorekeeper for all groups. It is the responsibility of every player, and caddy if applicable, to agree their score with the scorekeeper after every hole has been completed and at the completion of the round.

Immediately after play, players sign their scorecard. The scorekeeper will also sign the card and then ensure that it is handed to the appropriate representative of the competition venue.

Late to the 1st tee
If a player arrives at the 1st tee with less than five minutes from his/her tee times the penalty is two strokes.  If a player arrives at the 1st tee more than five minutes after his/her tee time he/she will receive a 10 on that hole and any future holes missed. Players may not join a group during play of a hole; they must join them on the next tee.

Distance measuring device
Devices that measure distance only are permitted. Devices capable of performing other functions are prohibited. Penalty: score of 10 on any hole used.

Pace of play
Each player must play without undue delay.
Those caddying are asked to please refrain from over-coaching the player. It is the caddie’s duty to help the player hit each shot within a reasonable period of time.
When it is determined that a group is behind time par or out of position on the golf course the group will be warned and asked to speed up play. If the group continues to fall behind each member of the group may be subject to a penalty. First offense: a warning. Second offense: one stroke penalty. Subsequent offenses: score of 10 on that hole.

Disqualification policy
No player will be disqualified for any violations of the Rules of Golf or UK Kids Golf competition rules. Instead, a maximum score of 10 on any hole where the infraction would normally lead to disqualification. In situations where the round or hole has been completed, the score of 10 will apply to the last hole played or to the hole where the infraction occurred. Exceptions: A player or his caddie may be disqualified for code of conduct violations.

Code of conduct
Violations include: abusive language, club throwing, cheating, disrespect of volunteers or officials, abuse to the golf course or the facilities, littering, or any other conduct unbecoming of a player. UK. Kids Golf reserves the right to dismiss any player, caddie or spectator at any time for any reason during any competition. Repeated violations may lead to rejection of future competition entries.

Dress code
Only acceptable golf attire is permitted. Players are prohibited from wearing shoes with metal spikes, short shorts, swimwear, denim of any kind, t-shirts, or tank tops. Players or caddies not appropriately attired will not be permitted to participate.

County Order of Merit
County Tours operate an Order of Merit point based system. The Order of Merit system is used to determine both County Tour Champions and qualification for Regional Finals. Players in every boys and girls age category are awarded points based upon were they finish for each county tour competition they enter as follows:
1st place 12 pts, 2nd place 10 pts, 3rd place 8 pts, 4th place 6 pts, 5th place 4 pts, All other places 2 pts
A player’s highest point scores taken from two competitions within a county tour will be added together to determine that player’s Order of Merit points total. For example, a player who has entered six competitions in a county tour and has two 10 points, two 8 points and two 2 points will have an Order of Merit total of 20 points (i.e. two 10 points added together).

County Tour competition ties: for each boys and girls age group 1st place through to 5th place ties will be broken with a scorecard playoff. Places will be determined by taking the lowest score by each player on the 9th hole. If ties remain the score on the 8th, 7th holes and so on will be taken until the places are determined. If a tie still remains after all nine holes have been counted then places and Order of Merit points will be shared.   

What happens if there's a tie?show

We have procedures in place for ties in the County Tour Orders of Merit, Regional and Grand Finals.

County Tours Orders of Merit ties: 
for each boys and girls age group ties for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th places in an Order of Merit will be determined with a scorecard playoff. Places will be determined by the lowest score after adding together the 9th holes score for each of the two competitions used to determine the players Order of Merit points. For example, if a player has scored 5 and 4 on the 9th hole of the two competitions used to determine their Order of Merit points then their total score of 9 will be compared with that of the player they have tied with. The lowest score will determine which player takes which place. If ties remain the scores on the 8th hole, 7th hole and so on will be taken until the places are determined. The first four places and ties will qualify for the relevant Regional Final. If a tie still remains for 1st place then the award of County Tour Champion will be shared.   

Regional Finals ties: 
1st place through to 3rd place ties will be broken with a scorecard playoff. Places will be determined by taking the lowest score by each player on the 9th hole. If ties remain the score on the 8th hole, 7th hole and so on will be taken until the places are determined. If a tie still remains in an age group for 1st place after all nine holes have been counted then all those tied will qualify for the Grand Final.    

Grand Final ties: 
for each boys and girls age group 1st place through to 3rd place ties will be broken with a scorecard playoff. Places will be determined by taking the lowest score by each player from both rounds on the 9th hole. If ties remain the scores from both rounds on the 8th hole, 7th hole and so on will be taken until the places are determined. If a tie still remains in an age group after all holes have been counted then the award of Grand Final Champion for that age group will be shared.

I have tried to book a competition for my son but it says I have no players in my profile. What does this mean? show

To enter a player in to a competition you first need to "Add a Player"

To "Add a Player"

1. Log in (found at the top left corner of every page)
2. Click on “Your Locker” (found at the top left corner of the page)
3. On the right hand side of Your Locker you will see a symbol with the text “Your Players” click on it
4. In Your Players you will see “Add Player” click on it and enter your player’s details - please note:
>> you will need to give your player a different username to the one you have used to register with 
>> you will also need to use a different email address to the one you have used to register with. If your player does not have their own email address you can leave this box empty
5. When you've entered your player's details click “Add Player”
6. That’s it!

You can then click on the “Book Now” button for any competition and enter your player. The competition will then appear in your player’s locker as will the tee times when available and then the results.

In your player profile you can add an image of your player (only those registered with Uk Kids Golf can see this) and we also ask that you complete the profile on your player found in the menu of your player's locker.

I cannot add my son/daughter as a player. It keeps saying my email is already in the

The system won’t allow you to use the same email address twice.

If you have used the same email to register as a parent/guardian you can't use the same email address for your player(s). You can either use a different email address or leave the email address field blank.

Where do I find my player's tee off time? show

Your player's tee off time can be found in your player's "locker"

You will find your player's tee off times by:

1. Logging into “Your Locker” (the login can be found towards the top left of every page)
2. In your locker click on the “Your Player(s)” icon
3. In your player(s) click on “view”
4. Click on the “Competitions” icon and the competition(s) your player has entered will appear
5. Click on the “Tee Times” icon against the competition you want to see the tee off time for

Please note that tee times will normally be available 7 days before the date of the competition.

As part of our Child Protection Policy we only allow those who have registered with us to be able to see where players have been entered and their tee off times. Hence why tee times are not available to the general public and are accessed only by logging into the player’s locker on the UK kids Golf website.

What happen's to the revenue we receive from memberships and competitions?show

The cost of participation in UK Kids Golf competitions is simply based upon recovering the cost of providing the service and not to generate profit.

One of the barriers faced by some parents/guardians in introducing children to golf is the cost of participation. At UK kids Golf one of our key aims is to keep this cost as affordable as possible and so the cost of participation in UK Kids Golf competitions is simply based upon recovering the cost of providing the service and not to generate profit for UK Kids Golf Limited. This is one of the aspects that sets us apart from many of the junior competitions that are available.

We currently charge £5 for an adult to join UK Kids Golf and £10 to enter a qualifying competition and where these fees go to is as follows:

Every £10 competition fee = £2.50 to the venue, 55p to the payment processor (Paypal), 25p player certificate, £2.90 player medals, £1 County Golf Partnership (or equivalent), 50p postage for certificates & medals, 40p flyers & posters, £1 website & 90p marketing.

Every £5 membership fee = £3 website, £1 accountancy & legal, 60p telephone costs, paper, printer inks, etc & 40p to the payment processor (Paypal),       

We can only offer our service to you due in no small measure to the fantastic generosity of all the UK Kids Golf competition courses. Please support all our competition courses and all the staff who make the UK Kids Golf competitions such great occasions. 

How does my child qualify for the Summer Regional and Grand Finals? show

Players are invited to take part in either a Summer Regional Final or Grand Final based upon their performance at the previous round.

A player is invited to take part in a Summer Regional Final if they either:

  • come 1st in their age group in a local qualifying competition 
  • gained the most points in their age group in a local area

*** please note that not all regions will host a Regional Final and where this is the case players who would have qualified for a Regional Final will receive an invitation for the Grand Final ***

A player is invited to take part in the Summer Grand Final if they either:

  • come in the top three places in their age group at a Regional Final
  • receive an invitation direct from local qualifying

Invitations for both Regional and Grand Final will be sent via email in advance of the date of the competition.

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