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Here at UK Kids Golf we are committed to not only providing great golfing opportunities for your young golfer but also the information you require to make their relationship with golf a long term success. We have teamed up with a number of leading experts in the fields of Nutrition, Fitness, Psychology and Coaching to make sure you have everything you need to keep your kid on course.

Have a look at the latest articles below or select one of the categories to see articles on just coaching, fitness and so on.

Latest Articles

What Some Young Golfers are Doing to Improve Their Game12th August 2015

Over the next few weeks we will be publishing what some young golfers in the UK do to improve their game and have more fun.


Golf Society of Great Britain and Junior Golf16th June 2014

The Golf Society of Great Britain and it's fantastic support for junior golf.


Got The Next Tiger?9th March 2014

Getting too serious too early?


Children's Golf Clubs29th July 2011

Top tips for choosing golf clubs for children. 


Rory McIlroy27th June 2011

Rob Cook writing for Forbes sets out "Why More Parents Can't Raise a Rory McIlory"


How to assist your kid’s enjoyment of golf11th January 2011

If we can understand one simple rule we can begin to apply it to all the questions we ask our children.


The Grip 11th January 2011

Something like the grip is a pretty dull subject for a young golfer but it is a valuable asset and a real source of power.


Coaching- When and How Often11th January 2011

What is the right age to start playing golf?


How to Motivate Young Children to Eat Healthly 9th January 2011

When it comes to teaching young children, a lecture on what a healthy diet looks like is the last thing that will work. Here are some ideas you can consider.


What kind of golf balls should my child use?12th December 2010

Chances are your child's swing speed is lower than 80 MPH. It's tough for anyone with such a slow swing speed to maximize a golf ball's distance-enhancing properties.


Choosing golf clubs for kids17th December 2010

Today there are many club options for kids to choose from. I’ll give you my thoughts into how to choose golf clubs for kids.


How to perform cardiovascular exercise8th December 2010

Cardiovascular exercise can be done absolutely anywhere without the need for any equipment. All you need is yourself  and a bottle of water!


Benefits of cardiovascular exercise8th December 2010

There are a number of benefits associated to golf which can be achieved by improving cardiovascular fitness.


Why enjoyment is crucial in kids golf19th November 2010

We all know the benefit of golf for our kids so how can we help ensure that they develop a positive lifelong association with the game?


Seven tips to keep golf fun19th November 2010

I've come up with seven tips to help parents/guardians meet the challenge of developing young golfers while keeping their interest. 


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