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Here at UK Kids Golf we are committed to not only providing great golfing opportunities for your young golfer but also the information you require to make their relationship with golf a long term success. We have teamed up with a number of leading experts in the fields of Nutrition, Fitness, Psychology and Coaching to make sure you have everything you need to keep your kid on course.

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Benefits of cardiovascular exercise8th December 2010

There are a number of benefits associated to golf which can be achieved by improving cardiovascular fitness. Training to improve fitness levels will help the body to burn bodyfat, and as we know bodyfat can be detrimental to our performance and health. As stored bodyfat is inactive tissue, it is not required as a primary energy source and will stay dormant unless the body performs some kind of physical activity to burn it off.

One of the main benefits of gaining a higher level of fitness is the increase in cardiovascular endurance. 18 holes can take well over 3 hours to complete, with an average of 3-5 miles of walking. The abilty to sustain energy over this time and delay the onset of muscle and mental fatigue will definately help produce a more consistant last 9 holes.  

Playing a golf shot requires a lot of concentration, this will typically occur 70-100 times per round. Playing an effective golf shot requires the body to have a low heart rate whilst being calm and concentrated. So during the 30 to 40 seconds it takes to play the shot it helps that the heart and lungs are working effieciently instead of the heart rate racing high and out of control.

Any form of cardiovascular execise will also help to strengthen the bones, ligaments, tendons and muscles of the body. The golf swing is an explosive action which puts the body under alot of stress so it is important to have a strong body that withstands this and does’nt become injured.

The ‘feel good’ factor that you can get after cardiovascular fitness training i believe is one of the most important effects. It keeps you motivated to continue exercising, increases self esteem and confidence and gives you a positive attitude; this being very important in making sound decisions on the course!


Author: Dan Hartwell

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