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Here at UK Kids Golf we are committed to not only providing great golfing opportunities for your young golfer but also the information you require to make their relationship with golf a long term success. We have teamed up with a number of leading experts in the fields of Nutrition, Fitness, Psychology and Coaching to make sure you have everything you need to keep your kid on course.

Have a look at the latest articles below or select one of the categories to see articles on just coaching, fitness and so on.

How to perform cardiovascular exercise8th December 2010

Cardiovascular exercise can be done absolutely anywhere without the need for any equipment. All you need is yourself  and a bottle of water!

Cardiovascular exercise can be performed by walking, running, cycling, swimming, or actually anything that can elevate the heart rate for a sustained period of time. Unless injury or medical conditions apply, there should’nt be any reason why any of us can’t do some type of exercise.

To help improve fitness try performing cardiovascular exercise for 30 mins 5 times a week. Aim to elevate the heart rate during this period and as the effort becomes easier over the weeks try to increase the intensity of the session. For example, begin by a comfortable walk for the first few sessions then start to increase to a brisk walk, then maybe try some interval based jogging where you can walk for 2 mins and jog for 1 minute repeated 10 times.

Now you know how easy it is, get outside and get the heart and lungs working!


Author: Dan Hartwell

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