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Here at UK Kids Golf we are committed to not only providing great golfing opportunities for your young golfer but also the information you require to make their relationship with golf a long term success. We have teamed up with a number of leading experts in the fields of Nutrition, Fitness, Psychology and Coaching to make sure you have everything you need to keep your kid on course.

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Coaching- When and How Often11th January 2011

What is the right age to start playing golf?

This is a tough question, as each child will vary in their level of maturity, concentration, physical development and desire. For example, if your child is aged 3 and desperate to play golf then give them the opportunity. Start with putting as this will always be one of the most important parts of the game. It’s great to see and feel the ball go into the hole! Lightweight plastic clubs and sponge balls will be ideal for developing the early swing.

As a rough rule of thumb, enrolling in a junior group class from age 5 or 6 will provide fun, challenge and an excellent introduction to the basics. During the early stages ensure that your child is not a “driving range only” golfer. Regularly visit the practice putting green, chipping area and par 3 course. Avoid playing on a full sized course too soon, even the keenest young player can be deterred by the sheer length of some holes. Kids learn lots from copying others so encourage them to watch their favourite golfers on TV or, even better, go and see a pro tournament live. Admission for juniors is often free.

Age 12 and above.
Aim to schedule regular coaching sessions every 2-4 weeks. This will allow your child time to practice and put their stamp on the information. Be wary of booking a lesson the day before a big event as most new improvements need time to become embedded.

A useful overview is as follows;
Winter is the ideal time for major swing development and practicing short game skills.
Springtime is great for testing swing improvements and practicing short game skills.
Spring/ summer/ autumn is the time to play lots of golf and practice short game skills. Remember to give your coach accurate feedback on what was good and what could be better. He can help you improve the relevant areas as you progress through the season. 

Paul Ashwell
UK Kids Golf Advisor



Author: Paul Ashwell

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