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Being Positive

Why is being positive so important in young golfers? Because it's a cure-all. It's that simple. When kids feel confident, they don't get scared. They don't get worried or tense. They believe their skills are just as good as their competitors'. Positivet young golfer recover easily from mistakes. This leads them to perform to their best of their abilities. So what exactly is being positive and how best can you support your young golfer?

In the coming months we will be covering:

  • Why enjoyment is key in kids golf
  • How to assist your kids enjoyment of golf
  • What you need to know to help your kids development
  • How to assist your kids golfing motivation
  • The conundrum of golfing beliefs and expectation’s
  • Expectation/Anger and frustration what to look out for...
  • Dealing with frustration and using it positively...
  • How to assist your kid’s composure on the course...
  • Mental training for kids?
  • Learn the questions to ask to help your kids...
  • How and when to give great feedback...
  • Why Listening is so important, and what to listen for...

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