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In terms of equipment for young golfers the key questions are:

What equipment does my young golfer need to play golf?

What is the right equipment for my young golfer? 

The basic level equipment required for a young golfer are half set of clubs, bag, balls, tees and sensible clothing and footwear. The next step up from the basic level might include a glove, pull trolley, umbrella and water proof clothing. Beyond this level and the equipment options are many and varied from power trollies to golf course satellite navigation measuring devices.

Two key additional factors need to be bourne in mind, first, at what point they are at on their golf journey i.e. just starting, playing regularly, playing in competitions and so on. If your player is just starting out on the range or practice area then most facilities will have suitable clubs you can borrow or hire. Second, the time of year. If your young golfer is starting out in the winter then water proof clothing would become a basic level requirement. If playing in the summer then hat, high factor sun block and water bottle become basic level equipment. 

In terms of what is the right equipment, the answer depends upon several factors relating to the golfer such as his/her size, age and strength and agian you'll need to consider the they are at on their golf journey i.e. just starting, playing regularly, playing in competitions and so on. 

Before purchasing any equipment we strongly suggest getting advice from your local golf professional on what is right for your player and don't be afraid to ask other parents or guardians about thier experiences.   

Over the coming months we will be publishing detailed information on:

  • What equipment do kids need to start playing golf?
  • Do kids need customised clubs?
  • How to choose golf club sets for kids.
  • What ball should kids play with?
  • How much should I spend on clubs for my young golfer?

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