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Fitness for Golf

Physical conditioning should be an important part of any young player’s golf training program. To effectively swing a golf club your body must be able to move and function correctly. It should be mobile yet stable and be in complete balance throughout the entire swing. If there are limitations in mobility and weaknesses in stability (which is highly likely in a junior golfer) then there is a high chance that you will posses some form of a negative swing characteristic, resulting in a poor performance.

However, the Titleist Performance Institute has developed a screening process to highlight any of these limitations and weaknesses and eradicate them through performing corrective exercises. As a local TPI golf fitness coach based at Wyboston Lakes near St Neots, I can perform this screening assessment and provide a corrective exercise program for you to help you improve your golf.  

Once the body is able to move correctly it is important to perform resistance and cardiovascular training to help strengthen the body and minimise injury during the explosive action of the golf swing. This physical training will help you hit the ball further, improve accuracy on a much more consistent basis.

Over the coming weeks and months we will be looking at all the issues concerning kids fitness and golf including:

  • How to stretch and warm up before playing golf
  • Should kids join a gym?
  • The best golf fitness exercises for kids golf?
  • Strength or weight training for kids?
  • How to prevent injuries caused by playing golf.
  • What are the symptoms of common golf related injuries?

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