How To Start Playing Golf

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Getting Started

Over the last 10 years golf has become more accessible and affordable for kids and their parents than ever before. The vast majority of golf clubs now actively seek to attract and support junior members, there are now many more short courses and driving ranges which are often the starting point for young golfers and equipment specifically designed for young golfers has never been more affordable. 

In addition there are a number of initiatives with the aim of getting more children playing golf such as the:

It's no wonder then that more kids are playing golf than ever before. But what is golf's attraction? Well of course it's a great sport that can be played at any age and kids can learn about fitness, healthy eating and being positive. It is also a sport where kids can  learn courtesy, discipline, honesty, respect and confidence all of which are applied on the golf course and which are also key values for life.    

So how do you get your young golfer started?

Over the coming months we will be publishing more information on:
Key reasons why you should introduce your kid to golf.
How to get your kid into golf?
Junior golf county organisers give their single best piece of advice.
When should kids specialise in just golf?
Is your child ready to compete?

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