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You are never too young to begin using the concepts of good nutrition. Most competitive golfers have already learned a few of the basics like eating a small meal or snack every few hours, trying to combine proteins and carbohydrates at each meal and drinking lots of water. However, few competitive junior golfers or indeed their parents have the information they need to take their nutrition to the next level. A golf fitness program should always be accompanied by a solid golf nutrition plan. What and when you eat can often have a significant effect on how you play.

Proper nutrition is a vital component to the overall health and well being of your young golfer. Paying attention to your child’s physical well being is essential to playing better golf as well as protecting their bodies for the future. Good sound nutrition can provide the basis for stronger mental fortitude, thinking power, stamina and feeling great about who they are as individuals and as young competitors.

Eating healthy is a learned process that takes time and effort on the front end, until it becomes a way of life. Invest in this process by introducing new foods and choices at home that focus on simplicity and balance. Make sure you provide a snack for your child daily that they can eat just prior to their afternoon lesson or practice session.

Most healthy snacks do not require cooking and can be prepared with a minimal investment of time in the kitchen. Involve your children so they can learn to make choices for a lifetime of healthy eating.

Over the coming months we will looking at key areas of nutrition for young golfers including:

  • How to establish healthy nutrition for young golfers 
  • Which foods produce champions?
  • How to support kids playing golf in the heat
  • What to drink and when? 

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